13 reasons why the c2c Twitter feed provides a great public service

Running trains between Southend/Shoeburyness and London Fenchurch Street, lots of people rely on c2c to get them where they need to be. Since 2011 the company has been keeping their passengers updated with the latest travel information via Twitter.

Whenever trains are delayed, it’s the job of the c2c Twitter team to inform, update and try to reassure the public. We think they do a great job and here are 13 reasons why.


1. They tell commuters the truth about delayed journeys.


2. When they don’t know the reason for a delayed journey, they’re honest about it.


3. They issue advice for how to correctly use facilities on the trains.


4. They’re eager to give you travel info and get bored when no one needs any help.


5. They regularly get thrown into ‘Twitter Jail’ for posting too many customer service tweets. Naughty.


6. They provide clarifications on the latest train delays.


7. After typing thousands of public service tweets, it’s rumoured that one of the c2c twitter team can now type the full alphabet in 3.4 seconds.


8. When animals manage to get on to the railway tracks, they provide the facts of the situation.


9. They give out free ‘sorry for the delay’ chocolate.


10. Even when they have to leave the office, they still endeavour to keep you updated.


11. They’re to the point.


12. It’s not always their fault when trains are delayed.


13. If you brag online that you’re a fare evader, the c2c Twitter team will catch you.

c2c trains Twitter team catch fare evader

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