A warning to shoppers after Southend store closes without notice

August 20th, 2014 | by James
A warning to shoppers after Southend store closes without notice
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A Southend shopper is warning people about pop-up shops in the High Street after a store closed suddenly without returning a computer tablet that belonged to them.

The shop, which sold accessories for mobile phones including cases and screen protectors, appears to have been a temporary set up in a Southend High Street unit which had been empty for some time. The store is believed to have been called ‘Fone Planet’ and also offered repairs for gadgets and electronics such as mobile phones and iPods.

Customer warning about a pop up shop in southend

The customer’s warning sign stuck to the front of the shop unit

The person took their daughter’s computer tablet into the shop to have it repaired. But when they returned a few days later to pick it up, they found the shop had been cleared out with only a few phone cases lying around and no explanation for the closure.

The customer’s six-year-old daughter was understandably upset to be told her Birthday present, the tablet, would not be coming back.

Empty shop unit in Southend  Shop closed down

With no way of contacting the owners of the shop, the customer decided to put up hand written signs on the front of the empty unit to warn others about these types of shops and ask for any help in finding the owners.

One of the signs, above, read: ‘People Beware. If anyone breaks their phones, laptops, tablets or iPods, do not let the phone shops fix them. Take them to a reputable shop. I have been scammed by this shop. They have taken my daughter’s tablet and ceased trading. Don’t be scammed.’

The other sign, below, read: ‘Beware. These robbing scammers have robbed my 6 year old’s tablet and have ceased trading. If anybody knows where these scumbags are could you please contact me. I have one extremely upset upset child who has lost her Birthday present.’

Phone & electronics shop in Southend closes down

The second sign stuck on to the empty shop by the frustrated customer.

Your Southend has heard similar stories from other shoppers who have experienced problems with these types of temporary phone-repair shops, including receiving gadgets back after paying that have not been repaired and having electronics not returned to them.

If you have experienced any problems with pop up shops like this, you are encouraged to contact Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06, who will be able to make a report to Trading Standards.