Armed police stand off with gun suspect in Southend

Armed police aim guns at the propertyArmed police have surrounded a house in Elizabeth Road, Southend, just off the seafront.

Police had originally gone to the address to make an arrest at around 12:30pm today. The officers were then threatened by a man who claimed he was armed. The road was quickly cordoned off as armed police swooped in on the address.

At least eight police patrol units, two armed response vehicles, a dog unit and an armoured police truck are at the scene, with armed officers from Essex police aiming guns at a house which the suspect is in.

Officers could be heard shouting, trying to make contact with the suspect and resolve the situation. The Essex police helicopter was circling above the area this afternoon, as the incident unfolded.

Update 15:00: Police negotiators are now at the scene using a loud speaker to try and contact the suspect and come to a safe resolution.

Update 22:30: The armed stand off between police and the male suspect inside a house has been going for over 10 hours. Police negotiators are still at the scene trying to resolve the situation.

Update 23:45: Essex Police have confirmed a 52-year-old man told officers that he had a gun. They have also confirmed that there are two women inside the property with him, although they say they don’t know if they are being held hostages.

Police discuss the situation behind an armoured vehicleUpdate 01:30: Armed officers make an attempt to end the siege shouting for the suspect to put his hands up. Police dogs were at the scene incase he tried to run.

Update 05:10: The two women aged 36 and 51 have left the house, one was in handcuffs. Both were driven away in police vehicles.

Update 07:40: Police fired a taser allowing them to handcuff the man as he was still refusing to end the siege. He was then led out of the house in Elizabeth Road, into an ambulance. He was taken to Southend hospital to check his health.

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