Bins in Southend High Street deliberately set on fire

May 28th, 2014 | by James
Bins in Southend High Street deliberately set on fire
Local News

Southend’s firefighters were called out in the early hours of this morning to deal with multiple bin fires in an apparent spate of arson.

Damage to bins after a fire in Southend

The remains of a bin after it was set alight

The bins at various locations near Southend High Street were set on fire at around 1am, with fire crews being sent shortly after to put out the flames.

One of the fires was near to O’Neill’s pub and South Essex College, where industrial bins had been set alight.

Firefighters from Southend fire station put out the flames, which they considered had been started deliberately.

Damage was caused to the outside of a building, with the area being taped off until it had been assessed.

One passer by, a local man who did not want to be named, said: “It was probably just kids messing around. Theres not enough for them to do in Half Term so they turn to things like this.”