CCTV parking enforcement cars go live in Southend

One of Southend Council's new CCTV parking enforcement cars

Two new CCTV-equipped parking enforcement cars have started operating in Southend as of Monday 4 July, to crack down on anti-social motorists.

The brand new white Toyota iQ cars have been put into operation in response to residents’ concerns about dangerous and anti-social parking, particularly in the vicinity of schools.

The CCTV cars will target vehicles parked illegally on double yellow lines, zig zag lines outside schools, in ‘no waiting restriction’ areas, bus stops, cycle ways and any other locations where parking a vehicle is adversely affecting pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Tony Cox and Derek Kenyon with one of Southend's new CCTV parking enforcement cars
Southend Councillor Tony Cox and Southend Council’s Parking Manger Derek Kenyon, with one of the new CCTV cars

Southend Council’s Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Transport, Tony Cox, welcomed the arrival of the cars. He said: “By using these vehicles we hope to deter drivers from anti-social parking and allow the borough’s carriageways to function as highways first and parking resources second.”

“They are intended for use around schools, on cycleways, box junctions, prohibited turns and other areas where inconsiderate and irresponsible motorists create safety issues.”

Mr Cox added: “They will enable us to commence serving some Penalty Charge Notices by post for the first time instead of having to place them on the windscreens of vehicles in contravention.”

“This isn’t about generating revenue for the Council’s coffers – it’s about sending a clear message to motorists whose behaviour has the potential to put lives in danger.”


  1. Welcome news to our streets in Southend area including Leigh and I think you should add ‘vehicles parked on pedestian pavements’ including ‘half parked’. I noticed the vehicle around West Leigh school this morning where many parents don’t like to see their children walking any distance.

  2. Well you may have to re-consider how you use these diabolical things now as a result of my appeal and win. The operators will now have to get out of their little cocoon and join the real world . They will have to observe a longer period of time than the pathetic 3 minutes that I was booked for. You will also have to re-think where you use these spies originally brought in to tackle ‘dangerous’ parking and not trolling around residential streets where there is no dangerous problem.

    As for your statement ‘not a money making excercise for the council’ I certainly would not mind a business that takes £190000 in 9 months using a couple of cars driving around all day! I suggest Mr Cox, you read my original email to see how I felt when I was spied on by one of your cars.

    My father flew Lancaster bombers in the 2nd world war to keep the Germans away and my brother flew Vulcan bombers to keep the Russians away so we did not have to suffer just the sort of society that you seem to want. Rather surprising from a so called Tory man! I will be keeping a very close eye on the future operation of these diabolical vehicles. You have been warned!

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