Crop circles discovered in Southend

Crop Circle in Southend

Mysterious crop circle formations have appeared on farmland off of Sutton Road, near to Southend Airport.

The first pattern was discovered on 14th June and is made up of three circular shapes and a triangular shape, flattened into the farm crop.

The crop circles were captured on camera by quad-copter pilot Matthew Williams who flew his drone above the field.

Crop circle in field near Southend Airport
The crop circle with Southend Airport in the background.
Crop circle seen near Southend, Essex
The crop circle pattern from directly above.

The images have been shared on social media and have been discussed on paranormal investigation websites, with many people putting forward different theories to who made the crop circles and what the patterns mean.

Soon after the first crop circle was uncovered, a second formation appeared in the same field. The diamond design is surrounded by another circle, in line with the first crop circle, and was discovered on 22nd June.

Diamond crop circle near Southend
The diamond shape crop circle near Southend Airport.
Crop cirlce on farm land near Southend
The 2nd crop circle in farmland near Southend.

Are these mysterious patterns the work of paranormal forces? Or are they man-made forms of public art? Let us know what you think of the crop circles Рleave a comment below.

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