Demolition of Warrior Square swimming pool nearing completion

July 7th, 2011 | by James
Demolition of Warrior Square swimming pool nearing completion
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The last remaining wall of the Warrior Square swimming pool

The demolition of Warrior Square swimming pool in Southend town centre is well underway.

The swimming pool was closed in October last year when the new £13.5million pool at Garon’s Park opened. Part of the car park around the swimming pool site has been fenced off since May to protect the public from the demolition work.

There are no immediate plans for the site once the the demolition is completed however the long-term vision is for new shops, homes and offices.

Will you miss the swimming pool? Comment below with your memories of it.

  • Chris

    What a shame, cut my lifeguarding teeth there in the 80’s along with some of my former lifeguards Winter, Key, Bramley, Mezzen! Any one still alive?

    • Sophie

      Could you give me any information to find someone that used to work there as a lifeguard please?

  • Teresa Brett

    Vey sad, spent a lot of my childhood here.

  • Jeffy

    I recall there was a door from the men’s changeroom to the ladies changeroom and we, as schoolboys, opened it and peered through.
    Good times.