Farringdon car park demolition back on track

The demolition of an old town centre car park in Southend has been restarted. Demolition of the Farringdon car park on Elmer Avenue is to make way for a brand new £27million library.

Scaffolding collapsed during demolition work

Work first started to pull down the multi-storey car park in February but was halted over safety concerns. During demolition, part of the building collapsed unexpectedly, leaving contractors Elvanite to rethink the demolition.

Demolition companies were asked to bid again for the revised work after the collapse. However the original contractors, Elvanite, were given the go ahead to complete the demolition which they had started.

Cranes have moved in on the site to demolish the remains of the car park safely. The cranes will be used to lift parts of the framework, allowing the concrete to fall. The work was or originally expected to end in May but due to the set back, it could now last until December.

Once plans are agreed and approved for the new library building, construction work could start as early as February 2012. The funding for the new library will come from Southend Council (£12.5million), Essex University (£10.4million) and South Essex College (£4million). Along with a library, the four-storey building will have a 200-seat lecture theatre for the university, a public cafe, and a home for Southend council’s Focal Point Gallery.

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