How many of these street performers have you seen in Southend?

June 29th, 2014 | by James
How many of these street performers have you seen in Southend?

Street performers, entertainers and buskers are regular visitors to Southend, travelling from all over Essex and further afield to entertain the crowds in the High Street. Here are 10 great examples of the street performers seen in Southend High Street in recent years.

1. The way this street performer is sitting under the train bridge will make you look twice.

Southend Street Performer Statue

2. A lion and elephant brought their drumming show to the High Street.

Buskers in Southend High Street

3. This accordion-playing busker is a regular face in Southend.
Accordian man in Southend High Street
4. A living statue angel visited Southend High Street. Photo by Luke Scottow.

Angel statue performer in Southend High Street

5. Salvo has been entertaining kids in the High Street for many years. Photo by Rob Hine.

Salvo the Clown in Southend

6. Henry the 8th standing under the train bridge. Photo by Lisa Wright.

Henry 8th street performer in Southend

7. This sand artists can be seen in the High Street creating amazing animal sculptures.

Sand dog artist in Southend High Street

8. Charlie Chaplin popped into the High Street as a live statue.

Charlie Chaplin living statue

9. The Owl Man is an old favourite in Southend. Photo by David Bullock.
Southend Owl Man
10. This live statue couple were seen performing near the Royals.

A pair of living statues in Southend high street

  • Terry

    I want to see the South American Indian group return.
    Great sounds