Huge pile of rubbish dumped at Hadleigh Castle by visitors

Huge pile of rubbish left at Hadleigh Country Park
Huge pile of rubbish left at Hadleigh Country Park

This huge pile of rubbish was left at the entrance to Hadleigh Country Park, following a busy Bank Holiday Monday.

Signs on the bin ask people to take their rubbish home with them if the bin is full. However many people appear to have ignored the notices and thrown their rubbish on the ground.

The bin was eventually emptied by council contractors but the mass of rubbish was left strewn across the ground.

The pile of waste included broken glass, rotting food and bags of dog waste.

Sue Bright said: “This area is a beauty spot being ruined by thoughtless lazy people. It’s a perfect area for picnics – people should just take their rubbish home. It doesn’t seem much to ask to me!”

Castle Point Council said they are monitoring the situation and are looking into solutions to encourage people not to dump their waste.

A council spokesperson said that the large bin at the entrance to the park is managed by Essex County Council and overtime it has been used by people to dispose of their household waste and trade waste too.

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