Motorists caught out by new seafront speed limit

May 17th, 2012 | by James
Motorists caught out by new seafront speed limit
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Frustration is rising among local people as more and more are caught speeding after a new 20mph zone came into force on Southend seafront.

A stretch of the seafront was changed earlier this year from a 30mph speed limit to 20mph zone, enforced by average speed cameras.

Carly, aged 20 from Canewdon, was caught speeding at 30mph after a night working at Talk Nightclub in Southend. She told Your Southend: “I don’t drive down on to the seafront very much. I was driving along the seafront to pick up my friend. It was 2am and the roads were empty.”

Carly, who has lived in southend for 11 years, received a £60 fine and 3 points on her licence for driving at 30mph through the new 20mph stretch. She added: “I was doing 30mph because I genuinely thought the speed limit was 30. It’s not clearly shown that it’s a 20mph zone other than a couple of small signs. There needs to be more signs!”

Lauren, aged 27 from Chalkwell, received a speeding fine in the post 4 days after she drove along Southend seafront. She also received a £60 fine and 3 points on her driving licence. She told us: “The letter said they had photographic evidence that I was doing 31mph. I wrote a letter back asking for the photograph but all I ever received was my points and fine.”

We asked her if she had been aware of the speed limit change. She replied: “No I wasn’t and I think getting caught at only 31mph proves that. The points and fine are unfair and unjustified as it was a clear mistake! The whole thing is ridiculous really. A money making exercise. I believe a static camera would be better if they had to have one at all because at least you know where you stand with it.”

Sharon, who is 44 and lives in Southchurch, was on her way home from her job in London when she was caught by the average speed cameras. Like Carly, she was driving along the seafront at night at about 1.30am. She had made the same journey, twice a day for 11 years, always sticking to the correct speed limit of 30mph.

The first she knew about the average speed cameras is when she received a letter informing her that she had been in excess of the speed limit along the stretch of seafront. Sharon told Your Southend: “There wasn’t enough publicity of the speed limit change and there still isn’t adequate speed limit signage on the seafront. I have tried to appeal the fine and 3 points but with no success. I think the speed limit should be painted on the road at the start of the 20mph zone.”

Have you been caught in the new 20mph zone? Was there enough publicity of the change? Is there adequate signage on the seafront of the 20mph zone? Leave your comments below.

  • Michael Batt

    I don’t go Southend much and have alway known it to be 30mph ….I went to pick a girl up for a date and whacked with a fine for doing 26 which is below the 30 but over the 20 ….obviously obviously but on a dark night at 10pm I didn’t notice any signs stating it’s now 20mph and I also came in from the other end of the road and there are no signed stating the speed limit or change from 30 to 20 ….I am going to appeal it even if I have to go to court as all this is , is a money making scam !!!