Newlyweds photo shoot with Southend Vulcan Bomber

January 10th, 2015 | by James
Newlyweds photo shoot with Southend Vulcan Bomber
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Married couple at the Vulcan BomberTwo aircraft enthusiasts have had their wedding photos taken beneath the Avro Vulcan XL426, based at Southend Airport.

Bob Langhorn and his new bride Maggie Stewart, from Hockley, chose the Vulcan for a memorable bridal photo shoot after becoming members of the restoration trust that looks after the plane.

The couple are said to love the Vulcan so much that, since visiting the aircraft at its open day last year, Maggie has even become an administrator for the charitable trust.

Richard Clarkson, Secretary of the Vulcan Restoration Trust, said: “We met Bob and his then fiancée Maggie at our first Vulcan open day last year when they sat in the cockpit for the aircraft’s live power-up. We’re delighted that they chose XL426 as the back-drop for their big day!”

Maggie added: “We really appreciated the Vulcan team coming along on our special day and every time we see XL426 now we can remember what a great time we had on our wedding day!”

New open days are being planned for 2015 to allow the public to visit the Vulcan at Southend Airport and see the iconic plane up close.