Revealed: The Southend takeaways with the worst hygiene ratings

November 15th, 2014 | by James
Revealed: The Southend takeaways with the worst hygiene ratings

16 Southend takeaways have scored the second lowest food hygiene rating during inspections in 2014.

This list features all the businesses that were given a 1 out 5 rating, which according to the Food Standards Agency, means major improvements are necessary. All the takeaways listed were visited by a Southend Council food safety officer in 2014 to check that they met the requirements of food hygiene law.

Food hygiene ratings in SouthendDuring an inspection, the food safety officer checks a number of factors including how hygienically food is handled, how food is stored and the cleanliness of the building. The inspection ensures that food hygiene standards meet requirements and the food served to the public is safe to eat.

The worst scoring takeaways are mostly fried chicken shops or Chinese takeaways, but others have made it onto the list including two fish and chip shops on Southend seafront.

Four late-night fried chicken shops in Southchurch Road, popular with people leaving nightclubs, have all made it on to the list with a ‘major improvements necessary’ score of 1.

Southend Takeaways with a Food Hygiene Rating of 1:

Royal Grill

63 Southchurch Road
Inspected 13 November 2014

KC’s International

65 Southchurch Road
Inspected 25 June 2014


26 Southchurch Road
Inspected 20 May 2014

Tasty Chicken

86 London Road
Inspected 09 June 2014

The Pizza Man

345 Victoria Avenue
Inspected 04 April 2014

Yummy Chinese Takeaway

179 Hamstel Road
Inspected 03 April 2014

Wongs Chinese Takeaway

57 Ness Road, Shoeburyness
Inspected 01 April 2014

Reshma Indian

500 Sutton Road
Inspected 28 August 2014

Wah’s Garden Chinese Takeaway

374 Rayleigh Road
Inspected 27 March 2014

Crunchy Chicken Takeaway

143 Hamlet Court Road
Inspected 30 January 2014

Morley’s Fried Chicken

717 London Road
Inspected 23 April 2014

Revivo’s Sandwich Bar

193 Hamlet Court Road
Inspected 25 February 2014

Baileys Fry Inn Fish & Chips

5 Eastern Esplanade
Inspected 19 June 2014

Blossom Garden Chinese Takeaway

504 Sutton Road
Inspected 09 June 2014

Bobby’s of Southend Fish & Chips

50 Marine Parade
Inspected 15 April 2014

Chicken Delight

127 Southchurch Road
Inspected 25 March 2014

All ratings data correct from the Food Standards Agency as of November 15 2014.

The ratings are liable to change whenever food safety officers re-inspect the businesses. You can view the most up to date ratings on the Food Standards Agency website.

  • Tracy Jane Daffern

    we went into the royal grill and worst service possible the food was cold and dry we complained and said we wasnt gonna pay the bills cos the food was hardly touched we was threatened with the police there was four of us and even a lady on the next table asked for some more milk for her cup of tea 3 times they ignored her

    • Patrick Ryan

      If you have the means to pay the police will not get involved …it is then uo to the owner to take civil action….if you do not have the means to pay you can be arrested for fraud

      • Tracy Jane Daffern

        i paid for the hardly touched food and of course i had the means to pay i wouldnt have gone in there knowing the poor ratings this place had as we were hungry and everywhere else was busy patrick

        • Patrick Ryan

          Tracy …you can also offer to pay whatever amount you think the meal was worth …the would then have to sue you for the balance.and if your meal was of poor quality they would lose..never accept poor quality or service…too many people do and that is why they get away with it

        • Sue Manning

          by law you simply give the reason for not paying and as long as one person in the party has ID irrelevant of how many people are there the owner can take your contact details and choose to take you to small claims court, this happened to us once and the only ID was one lady who had her child benefit book, the police where called and confirmed our rights!! heard nothing…..

  • michael

    Cant believe I ate from royal grill yesterday then find out this clean ur shop up u dirty scum bags

  • Gary Jon King

    I’m surprised that baileys chippy on seafront is involved even though it’s not my cup of tea
    If anyone wants a decent portion of chips like the ones on Canvey then go to The Dolphin on London Road near Army and Navy in Westcliff cause like the Canvey chippies you can feed a whole family with a large portion and I’m pretty certain their hygiene is good.